RYOBI 755 + CX UV, aged 2005

Year: 2005
Impression: 51 Mio.
Size: 605×760 mm
Equipped with:

  • Ryobi Pcs Remote Control
  • Semi-Autom. Plate Change
  • Ryobimatic Dampening
  • Ink Temp. Control
  • Ink Decluck On All Unit
  • All 3 Automatic Washer
  • Interdeck Grafix Uv After 5th Unit (Two Lamps)
  • Lacking Unit With Anilox
  • Extended Delivery
  • Grafix Ir Dryer
  • Grafix Uv Dryer After Lacking Unit (Two Lamps)
  • Grafix Powder Sprayer

Machine Free In
January 2019

Machine It’S Still Working And Visible In Production Into The Printing House

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